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           White Wines


            The white wines produced at Domaine Kikones are:

            Maron Kikones White (Malagousia 100%). Greek aromatic variety fermented exclusively in stainless steel tanks. Flowery, fruity, intense aromas, crisp and balanced. Drink better in the next 7-8 years.

            Chardonnay Kikones (Chardonnay 100%). One third of the volume fermented in French oak barrels and two thirds in stainless steel tanks. A judiciously oaked Chardonnay first and the oak on the background. Drink better in the next 6-7 years.


           After sorting, the whole white bunches are pressed in a press holding a capacity of 2.2 tonnes. Stainless steel tanks are used while the fermentation has a temperature control so as to develop the aromatic characteristics. After the fermentation, other procedures take place, including proteinic and tartaric stabilisation, allowing time for the wine to rest after each one. This is the reason why even the White Maron Kikones , which is renowned as the fresh white wine, is bottled at the end of  Spring.


The Chardonnay Kikones matures a lot later, perhaps even a year after its harvest date.



         The bottling of the white wines occurs only with one non-sterilized filter, which means that all the beneficial microorganisms which were developed during the fermentation of the white wines are present in the bottle.