The labels

            The label features findings regarding vine growing and winemaking from the history of Thrace. The winery is named after Kikones, the ancient Thracian tribe that lived at the area between the Vistonida lake and the Evros river and first dealt with winemaking in the land of Thrace. The first references of the fine wines produced by Kikones were made by Homer in both his epic poems. In Odyssey the poet mentions specifically that the priest of Kikones, Maron, offers Ulysses local wine and in the Iliad Kikones, who were in alliance with the Trojans, provided them with their easy drinking wine during the Trojan War.

            Domaine Kikones' symbol, the horse, is the loyal and tireless companion of the ancient Kikones at war, but at peaceful times as well, always on their side in their everyday struggle for survival. As excellent horse riders, Kikones used the horse as a symbolic reference and according to information derived from ancient coins found in the area, they worshiped a Thracian Equestrian as a hero. Last but not least, Orion is included in Domaine Kikones label as it used to relate to the vine growing tasks of Kikones people. As they had observed and acknowledged the celestial phenomena, they linked their activities to the Orion's Star and by the end of the summer every year, when Orion rose on the celestial dome at midnight, the signal was given for the festive grape harvest period to begin.